STEPPER Launches New Value Message

STEPPER EYEWEAR’s latest campaign challenges the conception of what is important in eyewear in the light of the pandemic we all find ourselves in.

‘Love VALUE.’

Now, more than ever, we all are thinking about the things that really matter to us.

The things that are truly important have become clearer. Circumstances have caused us to reassess what we value as we come to accept a ‘new normal’ and focus on what we really need.

STEPPER frames have always strived to answer the basic need for good vision. Holding lenses correctly before the eyes in a way that feels natural and allows day-long comfort is our aim.

Our frames are comfortable, lightweight, fit well and are made from skin friendly materials. Maintaining the original objective begun by Hans Stepper, a German Master Optician in 1970.

STEPPER’s ‘Love VALUE’ message resonates with all the things in eyecare that matter.

Providing good quality eyewear, without pretense, noise or fuss.

Frames that give the wearer exactly what they need are not a luxury.

But they are priceless.