Lizzy - Eyewear For Your Wedding

I owe the title of this blog post to my dear friend, (and STEPPER EYEWEAR Business Development Manager), Liz Shepherd. And how right she is. Many spectacle-wearing brides wear contact lenses on the big day only to realise they don’t look like themselves when they see their wedding photographs. A wedding is probably THE biggest opportunity for a woman to look the very best version of herself- she should embrace her personal style. Most brides will buy new shoes, jewellery, and lingerie, so there’s no reason why she shouldn’t add a new piece of eyewear to her trousseau.

If the wedding dress has warm undertones such as cream or blush, the eyewear of choice should have similar undertones- soft golds, pinks and pearls are perfect. Pure white and cooler colours work better with cooler-coloured eyewear like silver, platinum or white-white. It’s advisable to take the wedding eyewear to the hair rehearsal and to the final dress fitting to make sure it complements the chosen hairstyle, hair accessories and jewellery as well as the wedding dress.

STEPPER EYEWEAR has an array of dreamy styles to suit every skin tone and wedding outfit. There are romantic pearly finishes, soft pinks and neutrals, rimless styles adorned with crystals, and of course, a multitude of metallics. European, Asian, and African fit options ensure the frame will fit properly- it won’t slide down or leave marks on the nose. That in itself is one less thing for a bride-to-be to worry about.

STEPPER Origin SI-30175 is a beautiful translucent frame in a soft blush colour. The faceted detail on the side catches the light and adds subtle style detail.

STEPPER Origin SI-30192 is a neutral translucent which reflects light to give a soft focus around the eye The detail at the temple draws the eye upwards -always supremely flattering. The curved gold detail on the side and temple adds to the soft organic feel of this frame.

STEPPER Origin SI-99592 is a rimless style adorned with blue crystals for that all-important “something blue”.