Lizzy - Light and Bright

TX5 is a state-of-the-art material for premium plastic frames. It is transparent and it combines minimal weight with high strength and impact resistance. STEPPER uses a unique high-tech moulding process which allows for 3D-shaping that helps to reduce the weight and thickness. This results in a well-balanced look and an almost-weightless feeling. TX5 is a highly stable, strong material which allows for much thinner frames and it is naturally scratch-resistant. As well as that, this wonder-material is hypoallergenic and is ISO certified for long-term harmless skin contact and biocompatibility.

Titanium is a lightweight pure metal which, like TX5, is hypoallergenic. It has a natural resistance to corrosion from liquids which includes saltwater, sweat and organic acids. When STEPPER describe a piece of their eyewear as being fabricated from 100% pure titanium, they mean it. Some manufacturers use nickel as a soldering material which can negate the benefits of using titanium as a skin-friendly material. Every single part of a STEPPER Titanium frame is made from titanium and not just the rims or sides.

It’s little wonder that once a patient has worn a piece of STEPPER EYEWEAR, they are reluctant to try any other brand.


Here, I’m wearing three super-lightweight styles.

SI-30135 which is made from both titanium and TX5. It weighs just 5.8g. To put this into context, a teaspoon of sugar weighs 4.2g.

SI-50124 which is made entirely from titanium and which weighs 8.8g.

STS-91004 which is made from TX5 and which weighs just 14.7g.