Lizzy - Spring Forward

Here in the UK the clocks have just gone forward so heralding the start of British Summertime. Clouds of pink cherry blossom punctuate bright blue skies, fields are full of gambolling lambs and the irresistible aroma of the first barbecues of the season hangs in the air. It’s good, in fact it’s great, to be alive. 

I’m going to start with the STEPPERS STS-40211. This is a small frame, ideal for petite faces and perhaps younger adults and teens. It’s a modern, minimal shape which comes in a trio of mouth-watering sorbet shades. The upper rim is underlined with tonal metal detail- a subtle and unusual design feature that makes all the difference. I’m neither petite nor teenaged, hence not modelling these for you. I’m going to put in a request for a slightly larger version because I’d wear this eyewear in every available colour. It’s a beautiful style and if I were pushed, I’d say it’s one of my all-time favourite STEPPERS styles. 

Moving onto to two new STEPPER styles.

I tried SI-30174 in two different colour ways. The first, colour F700, is a beautiful warm ivory colour with a slight ombré finish which reminds me of mother-of-pearl. The upswept, soft cat-eye shape is universally flattering and the translucent finish highlights the eye area. It bounces light onto under-eye shadows serving to optically disguise them. It’s the scalloping detail across the top which I adore though. When the light catches it, it looks truly beautiful. 

The rusty-red version, colour F300, is an excellent way to wear something darker without it being overpowering, even next to a fair skin like mine. It’s also a nice way to introduce red eyewear into your collection if primary shades aren’t for you. By now it goes without saying that this is as supremely comfortable as every other piece of STEPPER eyewear I own. 

Finally, the SI-30175 in colour F310. This also has scalloped detail but this time on the side. Again, this is a flattering shape which makes a subtle statement. The trend for translucent eyewear is set to stay, not least because it allows more light through than an opaque design. For the wearer, it intrudes less on their field of view than an opaque frame does. I have a similar style which I wear to work and I’ve lost count of how many patients have admired it and subsequently ordered for themselves. This is set to be a modern classic.