STEPPER EYEWEAR Responsibility


STEPPER EYEWEAR has an ongoing commitment to improve the brand’s environmental and  socio-economic impact wherever its influence is felt. This is a response to both external regulation and a genuine belief that the business should be an instrument for good.

For a brand so focused on our wearer’s need for comfortable, quality eyewear, it is logical  we extend this human-centric approach to the widest scope.

This is evident in our evolving review to minimise our impact on the environment and improve the wellbeing of the communities we touch.

This is a positive force within the business and in 2020 STEPPER EYEWEAR released its first ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ document, identifying and explaining this commitment, in a format available for download from the homepage of our website or from this link.

One of the most visible recent outcomes of this commitment has been our biodegradable temple sleeves, these can be disposed of in the knowledge they will break-down over time

Now we are pleased to announce our recyclable frame cartons. These new boxes are our own solution to the previous plastic devices.

To achieve an effective solution, STEPPER EYEWEAR worked with suppliers to find a material that met the precise design and functionality demanded by our product development team.

Externally, the boxes are clearly identifiable with the brand logo of the frame they contain. Clever cuts in the front allow some visibility for the frame whilst retaining the rigidity and protective values of the carton. On one face, a label identifies the model, size and colour.

On the inside, the material has a flock texture to cushion the frame as it moves within the protective case. Following extensive testing the resulting recyclable box sleeves are now protecting frames as they leave the factory.

Our team worked hard to create packaging that could be made from a single piece of card that is affixed without the need for glue or staples. Minimising the use of materials was an important part of the design brief.