Siu - Frameless Glasses

Firstly, rimless is the ultimate way to achieve the minimalist look with your eyewear. Secondly, the 90’s trend is still dominating the fashion scene, where the eyewear gravitates towards minimalism. With that in mind the shapes of rimless frames have become more adventurous. With new technology feeding through, it is now also possible to add a hint of colour to your frameless glasses too, but how, I hear you ask.

The best example I can give is the STEPPER style SI-93683. If you look at this frame carefully, there is a very thin blue band which goes around the circumference of the lenses. The blue band gives the frame a subtle hint of colour without framing the lenses. It also elevates the shape a lot more in comparison to an ordinary rimless. It is framing the lens but without the frame. I like to call it invisible framing. This modern way of adding colour to rimless glasses is a great way to show off the bigger shapes. Before, rimless frames have always been associated with small rectangular shapes and seen as “unfashionable” but not anymore.

If you don’t want to go for the coloured band, STEPPER of course offers a plain version too with some fantastic shapes to choose from. My personal favorite is the style SI-98852 because the shape is rather feminine. I would even call it an understated butterfly shape which is unusual for rimless. The colour of the metal temple is a combination of metallic plume mix with light metallic blue, both of those colours also give a nod to that feminine vibe with a more youthful look and feel to the overall frame.

Then finally, if you really want to rock that 90’s vibe then I would like to introduce you to style SI-96919. They are indeed a more rectangular shape, like they were back in the 90’s. But this time they are slightly bigger to give it that modern twist. What I love is actually the temple details down the sides because it is a chain link design. You cannot get much more retro than that. The colour of the metal temple is in a light gunmetal grey which I think is a fabulous colour that suits a wider age range. It is quite an ageless colour.

I think with new technology coming in and with different influences feeding through from all avenues, frameless frames are so different to what we once thought they were. They have moved on with time. They are no longer just for the more mature market, they are attracting a new audience that are younger and fashion conscious. Personally, I am excited to see more and more people joining the rimless frames tribe, I am 100% here for it.