Siu - Asian Fit Collection

If you have been following my eyewear journey from way back in July 2011 then you may have picked up on the fact, I am an advocate for Asian fit eyewear. First, I know some brands do not like to use the term “Asian fit” just in case it may be taken in the wrong way. I even had brands asking me how I feel about this term. My answer was “Asia is a continent, we all know that, and we all know Asian is a word used to describe people that live in that continent; therefore, I personally do not see how that could be offensive”. However, that is of course just my view on the subject, and I know some people may disagree and that is fine. Some brands may choose to use the word “alternative” fit and I think that is fine too.

I moved to the UK when I was eight years old and I started to wear glasses when I was twelve. Now, I am in my mid 30’s, I would say throughout my glasses journey, I have experienced some pretty ill fitted frames that should not have even been sold to me in the first place. It was only when I started the MyGlassesAndMe eyewear blog that I truly understood that one size doesn’t fit all with eyewear. There are different fittings for different face shapes and features. That makes perfect sense because like clothes, one size doesn’t fit all, we are all different shapes and sizes.

This also raises a question in my head, why from the age of twelve to my mid-twenties did no one ever tell me about different fittings??? As far as I can remember, acetate frames have always been a real issue for me, and I love them. I never understood why they kept sliding down my nose and I never understood why when they get adjusted, the temples get tightened so much they would give me a headache. I had to return to my opticians to get them re-adjusted but once they were re-adjusted, they slid off my nose again. When I reached the age of eighteen and started kickboxing, I stepped into the world of contact lenses, which obviously solved the glasses fitting issue for some part of the day. However, once I put my glasses back on, the problem remained.

When I started blogging and learning more and more about glasses, it was like a breakthrough moment. Finally, some answers! It is not because I have an awkward shaped face or features. It is because I needed different fitting glasses, not just the nose area but the entire frame needed to be designed differently to suit my Asian face. I have tired what I class as semi-Asian fit glasses where the nose bridge has been lifted higher on acetate frames. They certainly make the wearing experience more enjoyable, but it does not compare to a frame that is designed specifically for an Asian face, like the new STEPPER EYEWEAR Asian fit range. They fit me like a dream.

I have STEPPER’s normal range in both metal and TX5. The TX5 is a struggle for me and I really cannot wear them for a long period of time due to the fit. (see first image). The metal is way better because I can adjust the nose pads and I always thought they fitted amazingly. I wear them day in, day out, they are my go-to frames. Then STEPPER sent me their new Asian fit range and MY GOD, they fit my face perfectly, they are just incredible. They are the whole package, the nose, the temples, the width and even how the frame rested on my face, it all felt different to non-Asian fit frames. I was astonished by how nicely they sat on my face, so easy to wear, so snug, nothing was slipping and sliding down my nose. They just stayed put as they should. I have fully taken into consideration that in the images shown, the Asian fit doesn’t contain my prescription lenses whereas the non-Asian fit does. Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with how snug and perfect they felt on my face when I tried them on. The non-Asian fit felt much wider for my face and the fit just didn’t feel as comfortable. It is hard to explain and perhaps if a non-Asian person tries on the Asian fit, they will have the same discomfort but in reverse (see second image)

In conclusion, if I know what I know now, back then when I was twelve, I think it would have been a total game changer with my attitude towards my glasses wearing experience. I was always a little bit put off with wearing my glasses due to the fit and over time, they just felt like a nuisance. Then I started to wish I didn’t need to wear glasses because it was such an inconvenience. It felt like a chore because they were either sliding off or causing me issue.

Now I know how amazing it is when a pair of glasses fit, I have no idea how I managed all this time. The STEPPER Asian range is the ideal solution. Going by my own experience, the fit on my face feels like they could have been custom made for me (believe me when I say I have had custom made glasses that didn’t even fit as well as these). The price point is also excellent. STEPPER has aligned the price point with their other models, so it is all fair and square. Glasses are a very personal thing, and my recommendation would be go and try a pair on yourself and compare them to a non-Asian fit frame to truly understand what I mean.