Siu - African Fit

For years, I've been urging brands to release eyewear for various ethnic groups in the UK as it's a very diverse country. Slowly brands are listening, but I think STEPPER EYEWEAR is excelling by providing a World Fit series.

The Asian Fit range was launched last year and this year they have launched an African Fit range. I know some of you may think "How on earth can you test them?", well yes, I can't. However, my friend Noah (who is originally from Kenya) can.

Noah has been wearing glasses for a few years with a prescription of minus 2.50 which isn't high. His lenses shouldn't be weighing his frames down too much; therefore, we can rule that one out as an issue. From chatting with Noah, it was a very interesting conversation because his experience wasn't dissimilar to mine.

He has been living in the UK for over 10 years and said he has never been told that he needed a different fit. He always felt and was under the impression there was nothing the opticians could do for him. He admitted that he had no idea about frames with varying fits and that he believed all frames came in the same size.

Even though they weren’t comfortable and kept slipping down his nose, annoying him, he was never told there could be a reason for this, and that there is a solution. He thought this was just the way it is. That was also me before I started working in Optical.

When I showed him the STEPPER EYEWEAR African Fit range and got him to try them on and test them for me for this article, he said it felt like a life-changing moment as an optical wearer. His exact words were: "Wow! They feel like a custom-made frame for my face, and I have never tried on a pair of glasses before that have made me go wow. They fit like a glove".

Noah was blown away by them because, like me, the temple fit has never been a big issue, but the nose has been. The major issue was with the glasses sliding down, and he said it is the most annoying thing in the world. We both joked that if we had £1 for each time our glasses slide down our nose due to ill-fitting frames, we would be millionaires by now.

Without a doubt, Noah was a fan of the African Fit frames and feels it is great that different ethnic groups are being addressed.

I believe that people need to understand that not all glasses fit everyone the same way, both the public and optical professionals need to be more aware of this. It can lead to discomfort, poor vision, and other vision problems. It's important to have a well-fitting frame.

As a member of an ethnic minority who has been living in the UK for more than 30 years, it's so refreshing to come across an eyewear brand that truly understands the importance of well-fitting frames.

It is about time that eyewear brands follow STEPPER EYEWEAR's example and roll out different fits, not just in the wearer's native country, but in the UK and other countries where the population is very diverse.

Check out the African Fit range yourself and spread the word!