New Heritage Frame Markings

Comfort being Hans’s priority (based on his findings as a German Master Optician) he combined local injection moulding specialists and advanced plastic material manufacturers to deliver his goal of creating ‘Eyewear Fashion That Fits’. The result was eyewear with a universal, tangible benefit that resonated with frame wearers all over the world.

The original production, from 1970 to the mid-1990s, was concentrated in Hans’s home city Stuttgart, Germany. Here the craft of creating the company’s most comfortable eyewear was developed and perfected using German design and engineering expertise combined with Swiss materials excellence.
The German influence continued throughout the company’s transition period in the 1990s, moving production from Germany to the UK and then to China by the turn of the century. Always under Hans’s watchful eye and the care of his German production experts, exacting control over design and manufacturing standards has been maintained.

From its German origins in 1970 to today, STEPPER EYEWEAR has become a truly global brand, being sold in over 70 countries. Today the company’s design, engineering, finance, marketing, production planning and logistics skills are truly international, involving a team stretching from Germany, UK, Hong Kong, China and Australia.
The brand, and associated brands, are instantly recognisable as STEPPER EYEWEAR and now many of the early designs have become classics, available to purchase through vintage eyewear suppliers. This proves the need for comfort is timeless and good design made from quality materials never goes out of fashion.
Today STEPPER EYEWEAR is global with millions of wearers. Yet, it is always good to remember how and where it all started in Stuttgart, Germany back in 1970. The new frame marking will continue to remind us of this.

In production now, this new marking will begin to appear on frames for sale at eye care professionals over the comming months.