Lizzy - Feeling Blue

 The colour blue is a longstanding favourite throughout the world. Studies as early as 1941 indicated that the most preferred hues were bluish.  It’s a predilection that isn’t limited to a particular geography, gender or even political affiliation. Everyone seems to like blue. Consequently, it is viewed as non-threatening, conservative and traditional.

Pantone chose it to highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build, as we cross the threshold into a new era; a wise choice.

Whether or not you follow trends and keep an eye on the fashion radar, most of us have something blue in the wardrobe, even if it is just a pair of denim jeans. Blue works well with a whole spectrum of other colours either as the star of the show or as an accent. Blue eyewear is therefore a wise choice for work and play, for smart and casual and from dawn until dusk.

The STEPPERS STS-40168 is elegant and understated. The metallic blue stainless-steel design is reminiscent of inky skies and it is as light as a feather. The black bridge and side detail give it a grounded, grown-up look so make it the perfect choice to take you from desk to dinner.

Not only that, it embraces another current trend: the double rim. A multi-tasking frame for multi-tasking women like us.