Lizzy - Stepping Into Sustainabiity

STEPPER EYEWEAR is on an journey to improve and are proud of the progress so far. Energy use, water consumption, green production technologies and emissions control are part of STEPPER’s vision of its future.


STEPPER uses clean, renewable energy in manufacture. At the factory, bicycles, electric cars and public transport are encouraged. Spectacle frames are pressed, plated, assembled, tested, moulded, welded and quality-controlled within one location. This single-site manufacturing reduces transportation between processes.

STEPPER conserve water by reducing usage and promoting wastewater recycling. There is an environmental team at the factory which is responsible for monitoring water usage and implementing water conservation measures during operations. Wastewater is treated and reused in the cleaning process. Packaging washing water is reused in the grinding process to minimise freshwater consumption. STEPPER set a target to reduce total water consumption by 1% each year. Thanks to the efforts of employees, the total water consumption declined by 2.5% in 2019.


Injection moulding processes ensure plastic material waste is minimised. Any waste materials from production are recycled either internally or externally and reused.


STEPPER is adopting greener product technologies. Innovative recyclable paper packaging protects the frames in transportation. The packaging is created from a single piece; there is no need for additional fixing materials. Coming online during 2021, packing boxes are made from 100% recyclable material. They are 10% lighter and save more than 14% packing space than previous packaging. And talking about weight, all of STEPPER’s plastic eyewear is made from TX5, a nylon-derived polyamide which is 25% lighter than conventional plastics. It is tougher, so allows for thinner frames, harder for greater scratch-resistance, (and therefore for greater longevity), and hypo-allergenic. TX5 should perhaps be considered as a hero material. It makes for lightweight, durable, supremely comfortable eyewear.

Three looks with TX5 Eyewear: STEPPER's wonder plastic

And talking about weight, STEPPER’s plastic eyewear is made from TX5, a nylon-derived polyamide which is 25% lighter than conventional plastic. It's tougher, so allows for thinner frames. It's harder so has greater scratch-resistance, (and therefore greater longevity). This hero material is also hypo-allergenic. TX5 makes for lightweight, durable, supremely comfortable eyewear. Here I’m wearing three STEPPER styles made from this wonder-product.

Look 1: SI-30156 F960.

I love the subtle flashes of green in this timeless shape.

Look 2: SI-30135 F230

The seamless transition from red to black makes for a strong statement. This is an excellent desk-to-dinner option, for when lockdown restrictions ease.

Look 3: SI-30137 F230

This feminine translucent pink frame has got the most beautiful filigree detailing at the temple.