Lizzy - Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

Ultimate Gray is emblematic of solid, everlasting, dependable elements like stones or pebbles. Things which are secure, and which provide a firm foundation. Illuminating is a vibrant, warm and energetic shade of yellow. Cheerful and optimistic, it conjures up images of sunny days. It gives us hope, and my goodness we need hope. We need to believe that things will get better. It’s human nature to need something to look forward to, something to work towards like a party, or a holiday, and, for me, our wedding in August.

I love yellow- I used to have a yellow car in fact- but it can be a tricky colour to wear, especially for those of us who are fair-skinned. But I believe that everybody can wear every colour, the trick is to find the right shade. Every skin colour has different undertones. Warm undertones tend to lean towards peachy, yellow or golden tones; cool undertones mean the skin has hints of pink, red or blue. One way to tell is to look at the veins on the inside of the wrist. If they appear blueish, the skin is cool-toned, if they appear greenish, it's warm-toned. Another useful guide is to try both gold and silver jewellery. If gold looks better, the skin is warm-toned, if silver looks better, the skin is cool-toned.

I have naturally strawberry-blonde hair and a warm, (yet still fair), skin tone. I suit warmer tones shades of yellow with a blue undertone such as mustard are a no-no. Instead, I choose lemon sherbety shades which have warmer undertones.

And look how the yellow tinted lenses of the STEPPERS STS-91001 casts a warm and flattering glow on even the most pallid of winter faces. After a wedding, there follows a honeymoon, and I have already decided that this sun style will join us.

Grey might seem a more universally-flattering colour than yellow, but in the same vein, it too comes in a myriad of different shades, broadly categorised as warm or cool. It’s not always easy to tell what will suit at first glance. I try clothing and eyewear on and give myself an honest appraisal in a mirror in natural light. And my rule of thumb? No matter how much I love the colour it will not get a place in my wardrobe unless it loves me back. However, jewellery, handbags, shoes and other accessories are an excellent way for one to embrace any colour or trend.

Here I’m wearing the STEPPER SI-30148 in colour F150 with matt grey sequins. Wearing sparkle on one’s top half will reflect light up onto the face for guaranteed glow.

The STEPPERS STS-30012 is one of my favourite STEPPER EYEWEAR designs. It’s preppy and super-lightweight and perfect for those easy-dressing days, yet smart enough to wear to the office Zoom call. It has the additional benefit of being translucent, so it highlights the undereye area which helps disguise those pesky dark circles.

The combination of matt and polished stainless steel adds subtle detail and a visual lightness to the STEPPERS STS-40138, which is a thoroughly modern take on the classic aviator. This is the first aviator style, (and indeed the first with a double bridge), that suits me, so proving that it is always worth stepping out of the comfort zone.