Lizzy - What Really Matters

I was furloughed for almost four months. During that time at home, I thought a lot about what material things I value. I realised that I have a lot of superfluities; there are so many things I can happily manage without. To me, value isn’t necessarily inversely proportional to the price tag; I believe that value is related to the cost per wear or per use. Alongside these calculable values are abstract ones. How things make me feel, how much I love, appreciate and enjoy them. In summary, I value things that work hard for me, that earn their keep and that make me feel happy.

STEPPER offers a timeless selection of designs for both men and women; there are no seasonal collections. Yet this family-run business is forward-thinking. The company embraces technology and has captured the zeitgeist for sustainability and conscious consumerism. STEPPER has reimagined and reengineered rimless eyewear. New methods of glazing allow for a single touchpoint at the temple by using the latest UV bonding. This results in a single connection that is stronger than that in conventional rimless design. STEPPER rimless designs are minimal, durable and reliable. Here, there are no superfluities. They’re supremely lightweight, a characteristic which benefits the wearer and which reduces fuel during transportation. STEPPER rimless styles deliver all-day comfort, a feeling of luxury and an unobstructed field of view. And that is invaluable.