Hans - Food For Thought No. 4


1 kg Potatoes, preferably the floury type

Around 250 g white flour

1 Egg, one egg yolk




The secret of good and tasty Gnocchi is to use the best potatoes and as little flour as possible. On the other hand we need flour to hold the Gnocchi together when cooking in salt water.

Peel potatoes and cut them in larger pieces

Boil them in salted water until soft

Pour water away and put the open pot again for one or two minutes on the fire to release as much steam as possible

Prepare a large pot of salt water and put to boil

Press potatoes through a potato ricer and start immediately with further processing

Add two third of the flour, salt, nutmeg, egg and egg yolk and work together to a loose dough. Do not over knead!

Take a part of the dough, flour the table and make a roll of around 15 mm thick

Cut 15 to 18 mm pieces from the roll

Make a test and put some Gnocchi into boiling water.

When they tend to disintegrate add more flour to the dough

Test again and when the Gnocchi stay together go ahead finishing portion by portion

The Gnocchi are ready when they come to the surface of the water

Put some oil on the water that prevents the Gnocchi sticking together when they are drained and put into a large sieve

Eat them immediately with some sugo or fry them later in butter with fresh sage

Buon appetito!