Key Eyewear Trends For 2024

Transparent and semi-transparent frames have been a strong trend in recent years and there is no indication of the appeal of these styles reducing. If this style is too strong for you, consider a semi-transparent frame with a light pastel tint.

Rimless frames are a perennial constant, but in recent times their appeal has been building and this upward trend is only set to continue. Broadening appeal has come via recent detail modifications include coloured rim inserts which add an attractive, elegant elements. These details work particularly well on larger lens shapes.

1970’s hexagonal inspired designs are a popular design influence with modern materials (such as STEPPER EYEWEAR’s TX5) to deliver attractive, thin plastic shapes. Often combined with round frame sections, these styles will suit many face shapes.

STEPPER EYEWEAR designs evolve in a gentle alignment with clothing fashions matching and/or complementing the styles, patterns, and colours of the time. Our team are also aided and influenced by technical innovation, allowing for frames to be reimagined to meet the wants of the wearer.

Make STEPPER EYEWEAR your perfect fit in 2024.