Lizzy - Autumn/Winter Colours

Brown is easier to wear and more versatile than black; it’s less harsh and is therefore more flattering when worn next to the face. The spectrum of shades means that brown is an excellent neutral; there isn’t a single colour that it doesn’t work with. Think caramel with orange or tan with white. How wonderful does milk chocolate look with baby blue and dark chocolate with a beautifully contrasting pale pink. A tone-on-tone brown outfit looks expensive and well put together, as does brown with navy blue. And you don’t need me to tell you just how well-matched brown is with my own favourite neutral, leopard print.

I can see why brown is perhaps more divisive than black, but a tan leather bag for example, is more trans-seasonal than a black one. And less utilitarian. Top-to-toe brown might not make quite as much of a style statement as a whole black outfit does; it whispers rather than shouts, but it still makes an impact, nonetheless.

I’m not saying that we should go and buy a whole new closet of clothing whenever a new trend comes about. On the contrary. It is better to embrace a trend by thoughtfully and carefully selecting one or two pieces that will tie in with the existing wardrobe. Things that will look right in every season for years to come and that can be worn again and again. Things that will earn their keep.

My brown dress is in its third autumn- I didn’t realise that I was so far ahead in the style stakes. But joking apart, it is flattering and effortless. I always enjoy wearing it and I always feel “pulled-together” in it as I do in most of my dresses. With it I’m wearing four different pieces of STEPPER EYEWEAR.

 A new spectacle frame is an excellent way of updating one’s look and if like me, you wear glasses most of the time, the all-important cost-per-wear will soon be justifiably low. 

Featured frames; SI-30129, SI-30141, SI-30156, SI-50228