Lizzy - Adding Festive Cheer With Red Eyewear

Red and green were first linked to a different holiday: the winter solstice. (The history of the Christmas Tree also has roots in the winter solstice.) Centuries ago, the Celts believed that the vibrant red berries and evergreen leaves of the holly bush brought good fortune and vitality throughout winter. They would deck their homes in the hope of a prosperous new year.

Over the years, this evolved into hanging red and green decorations and the idea of decking the halls was handed down through the generations and became a worldwide winter tradition.

This tradition evolved further into our sartorial choices and red is now the obvious choice for a Christmas or winter holiday outfit. I adore wearing red. I find it incredibly uplifting; but it must be the right shade of red. Cooler reds with blue undertones do nothing for my warm skin tone and strawberry blonde hair. Burgundy is no friend of mine. But warm reds with orange and coral undertones make up a significant part of my wardrobe. I cannot get enough. The same applies to lip colour.

As a rule of thumb, warm skin and hair tones suit gold jewellery and orange-reds. Cool skin and hair tones suit silver jewellery and blue reds. Everybody can wear red.

I am never knowingly under-accessorised so happily match my eyewear AND my lipstick to my outfit. (I do however, for fear of looking like a Christmas elf, rarely team red with green).  If you’d rather just dip a toe, STEPPER has an array of eyewear in a multitude of different reds to add festive cheer to any outfit. Here, I’ve chosen two styles to compliment two of my favourite festive red outfits: A red velvet trouser suit and a red velvet dress.

Red Velvet Trouser Suit with STEPPERS STS-30056

This beautiful piece of STEPPERS eyewear makes an understated statement piece. How's that for an oxymoron? By that, I mean it catches the eye and adds a touch of drama, but it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the outfit. This classic shape is universally flattering and will work just as well as a sunglass. I love this lightweight red spectacle frame so much that I'm going to get my prescription lenses put in.

Red Velvet Dress with STEPPER SI-50244

This rounded red titanium spectacle frame is beautifully delicate and lightweight. It is genteel and feminine- perfect with my red velvet puff-sleeve dress. This eyewear would be the perfect accent for a casual outfit such as jeans and a white tee. It's youthful, lightweight and is rapidly becoming one of my all-time favourite styles.