Siu - STEPPER Eyewear Review

The STEPPER Collection

First of all, wow! The STEPPER and the STEPPERS collections were pretty amazing, especially the STEPPERS range. The shapes and the colours were all on point but what about their practicality? What is it like to wear them daily? This is exactly what I am going to tell you in this post.

To me, as an optical wearer for 22 years of my life, I know exactly what I want from a pair of glasses. To me, a pair of glasses has to make you look and feel good, bring out your personality, enhance your facial features and be comfortable. To me, nothing is more important than comfort because I like to think during my younger years, I wore enough uncomfy glasses for fashion purposes to know better, I am now older and wiser. Ha!

The Review Format

I had been asked to pick three styles within the STEPPERS range and wear them every day (rotating the three style of course) for a month to really test them out and give my verdict.

STEPPER is well known for making lightweight frames from titanium to TX5 (a type of plastic) and after I have been wearing them for a month, I can assure you now that they do live up to expectations.

So, to start of this experiment STEPPER very kindly glazed the glasses for me. My prescription is fairly high at -4.75 on both eyes. I do normally request extra thin lens but for this, I didn’t specify because I wanted to really test them out.  I tried out two titanium models and one TX5.

Frame 1 - TX5 - STS-30021 F3200


The red TX5 pair were light to wear, even with my prescription, but unfortunately they couldn’t get the Asian fit for me on time so I would say, the fit on my nose is not perfect but also not the worse fitting frame I have had. They didn’t pinch where the temple sits on my ears and despite the nose issues, they stayed put quite well and didn’t cause any discomfort to my nose. On top of that, I had so many compliments whenever I wore them because the colour is so vibrant.

(Image 1)

Frame 2 - Stainless Steel - STS- 40135 F039

Then it was the small round red Stainless Steel. First of all, they are not your usual STEPPER design but I like the fact they have done something so different and of course I had to try them out. Since they are so small, I expected them to be light, it felt like I was wearing nothing. I didn’t even remember that I had glasses on until I caught myself in the mirror.

This frames comes with nose pads so the fit was pretty much perfect. They are not the style I usually go for because I am pretty convinced small round frame just doesn’t suit me, but strangely enough, I am quite in love with them just because they are so different. The red combined with black Stainless Steel was also a winner. This style also comes in 3 other colours.

(Image 2)

Frame 3 - Stainless Steel - STS-40138 F051

Finally, the aviator. They are quite a big style, so I knew the lenses will come back really thick which will add the weight to the frame. I actually laughed when I got them back because I forgot how thick my prescription actually is. Ha!

Considering how heavy the lenses are, I was surprised that overall they still felt light. The nose pads made them very comfy resting on my nose but the heavy lenses did cause the arms to dig into my ears where they sit. However, I had the exact same pair made up but with thinner lenses and that solved the problem straight away.

(Image 3 and 4)

My Conclusion

What is my final thoughts on the STEPPERS range? If you want something colourful, fun, stylish and most of all comfortable then you need to explore the world of STEPPER further. I was impressed because with my prescription, it can add so much more extra weight to any glasses but yet STEPPER still stayed very comfortable.  It was only the aviator style that caused some minor discomfort but that was easily solved with some thinner lenses so it is for sure not the glasses fault.

Would I recommend STEPPER to my followers? The answer is 100% yes. Tried and tested, a massive thumbs up especially when taking into consideration they are affordable and the quality of them is high. What more could you ask for from a pair of glasses?


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