Siu - Lockdown Eyewear

For myself during the first lockdown in the UK back in March the comfort factor was the priority especially with two young children to entertain. I was forever running around after them. As well as clothes, my choice of eyewear was also key. Throughout the lockdown, up until around May, I was only wearing glasses, I completely ditched my contact lenses. I know some studies have emerged saying if you touch your glasses with a germ ridden hand then the chance of contamination is much higher. Especially if you have touched a surface where the COVID-19 virus is present. However, I ignored that because I was just based at home, so I couldn’t possibly touch anything new. Another reason I chose to wear glasses was because they are just so easy. You wake up, you put them on and you can see straight away. No stress, no fuss.

The comfort of my eyewear was definitely an important factor during lockdown. I think the whole comfort factor was probably the most important thing full stop. I have a lot of glasses through my work as an eyewear influencer. I knew straight away which pair would be my go-to glasses, and they were STEPPERS. Why? I hear you ask. The answer is quite simple really, they are just so comfortable to wear. All STEPPERS glasses are super lightweight regardless of the materials used. With many styles and colours to choose from, they really are the most comfortable glasses I own, and I have a lot of glasses! I have a fairly high prescription, so the lenses are thicker and heavier but even with that factor, the frames are still doing their job and are very easy to wear. The design of the nose pads on the metal are great too, they feel like mini spongy cushions.

I have been wearing my STEPPERS for over a year now and during lockdown I was wearing them intensively. So, what is my wearer's experience and what is my advice if you want to purchase a pair of STEPPERS?

Every frame within the range, no matter what material, is super light. To me, lightness equals comfort. The choices of colours are endless and I think the metal collection has better colours and shapes. The type of plastic used is called TX5 which is different to what is on the market, they are typically 25% lighter than conventional plastic. If you are a die-hard plastic frame kind of person but not keen on the usual weight of them then STEPPERS maybe the sensible solution.

From my experience as a STEPPERS wearer, I have both the metal and the plastic TX5 frame, so I have experienced them both first-hand. Normally, I am team plastic frames all the way, but I actually prefer the metal, especially after wearing them continuously during lockdown. Perhaps my preference over the plastic TX5 is down to the fit. STEPPERS offer an alternative nose fitting, however, the frame I have is a standard fit because at the time, the alternative fit was not available. I feel I must knock some points off due to that.

As we are now in the second lockdown, the future still feels uncertain and staying at home is the new normal. I think this pandemic has accelerated the importance of wearing items that offer comfort and that bring the wearer some form of joy. STEPPER’s philosophy has always been to give the end user an experience and to give them a “feeling” when putting on a STEPPERS frame. I certainly felt both of those factors. In this second lockdown, yes, you got it. I am indeed wearing my STEPPERS frame once again.