Lizzy - Rose-Tinted Glasses

At the time of writing this blog, the UK, in common with so many other countries, is in lockdown. The Coronavirus pandemic has seen world leaders take unprecedented measures to try to slow the spread of the virus. Social gatherings have been cancelled, planes have been grounded and we are told to stay home. I’m a practising optometrist, and although we at the practice will see urgent and emergency cases, all routine work has been cancelled. Ordinarily, I work from home two days a week during which I write my blog and articles like this one. I’m now at home all of the time. I leave the house to go to the supermarket and, something I see as a silver lining, to take a long daily walk. Longer than I would have time for in normal circumstances.

Sunglasses might not be at the forefront of our minds right now, especially for those who’ve had to cancel their holiday. But it’s important to protect the eyes all year round, rain or shine. UV light can damage our eyes in the same way as it harms the skin. The cumulative effect of UVB light contributes to the formation of cataracts, some eyelid cancers and premature ageing. A good quality pair of sunglasses will protect the eyes and the surrounding skin from this damage by blocking out the harmful rays.

A word too about Coronavirus and the eyes. It is transmissible via the eyes as well as via the mouth and nose. Wearing glasses or sunglasses acts as a physical barrier not only to the virus, but to dust, flies and anything else we might encounter when outdoors. We are less likely to touch our eyes when wearing specs too. Make sure you keep them clean though as Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours. Wash them in warm soapy water and dry with a microfibre cloth for the best results.

It would be fair to say that on average, the UK has more cloudy days than it does sunny ones, so traditional dark sunglasses might not seem wholly appropriate- they might make things look too dark. The stunning STEPPERS STS-93010 is the perfect solution. The rose-coloured Zeiss sun lenses let just over 50% light through, while offering the same level of UV protection as a darker lens. (Standard darker sunglasses let 15-25% of light through). They are therefore as suitable for dull as they are for bright days. The soft cat-eye shape is universally flattering and is made from super-light stainless steel. The matt gold frame and temple detail make for a gorgeously feminine, on-trend look whatever the weather.

Until next time, stay safe.