Lizzy - Purple Reigns

It’s a colour associated with mindfulness, the practice of looking at the here and now and which offers refuge from the stimulation overload we face on a daily basis. And that's rather interesting, because I know of so many people, myself included, who are prioritising self-care for 2018. Although mindfulness and self-care are not synonymous, they are linked. Mindfulness is one of those buzzwords which seemed to enter our vocabulary out of nowhere. The benefits of mindfulness are becoming increasingly apparent and the tide is turning. Many of us are seeking calmness. Yearning for a quieter life and a simpler existence.

Because of this, I think Pantone's choice of Ultra Violet is an excellent one.

What does this mean for us though in terms of trends? How do we wear Ultra Violet?

Sartorially, Ultra Violet is confident, artistic and expressive. It might seem rather theatrical but it’s a lot easier to wear than one might think. It lends itself to beautiful and unexpected colour combinations. This beautiful shade takes on a luxe appearance alongside metallics and evokes natural elegance when juxtaposed with soft greens and greys. It is utterly stunning when teamed with yellow-orange, its opposite number on the colour-wheel. It’s a shade which serves to enhance, and be enhanced by texture, a key trend for Summer 2018. Velvet and satin, fabrics usually associated with eveningwear, are refreshingly modern in daywear this year.

Another key trend is bold colour; bright clear shades. Ultra Violet fits this particular bill very nicely. For those wishing to dip a toe, try adding accessories, eyewear or jewellery. An Ultra Violet nail polish even. And to those for whom Pantone 18-3838 is a little too conspicuous, I suspect we'll soon have a whole palette of purple to choose on everything from shoes to sofas.

My frames are the STEPPER SI-30120, colour F882. I love them with bold purple stripes but equally with soft, cosy grey. See? Purple is really quite east to wear!

Purple definitely reigns.