Lizzy - Party Eyewear

I have a foot in both camps. On one hand, I can think of nothing more elegant to wear for cocktails than a little black dress with classic accessories. On the other hand, my inner magpie tells me that a party just isn’t a party without sequins.

The concept of the little black dress “LBD” is almost one hundred years old. In 1926 Coco Chanel published a picture of a simple long-sleeved black dress, accessorised with a string of pearls in American Vogue. Vogue likened it to the Ford Model T, in that it was simple and accessible to women of all social classes. This was timely, because the publication was released during the Great Depression, when simplicity and affordability were key. Later, during the Second World War, textiles and fabrics were rationed, and the LBD remained the outfit of choice. Women could be elegant on a budget. Hollywood helped to increase the popularity of the LBD even more. As Technicolour films became more common, filmmakers relied on black dresses, because other colours didn’t translate well onto celluloid. Post-war, the rise of Dior’s “New Look” full skirts and cinched in waists gave the LBD a womanly, sexy update. Movie stars adopted the style both on and off screen, the most iconic of which must surely be Audrey Hepburn in 1961, wearing her Givenchy LBD for Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

So how do we choose party eyewear?

For an elegant, chic and understated look, then a little black frame is the perfect choice. Black will never go out of style and it will compliment an outfit without stealing the show. I’m wearing the SI 30121.It is made from Titanium, so it’s lightweight and comfortable, (like all STEPPER eyewear). It’s a classic, elegant, timeless style that will take me from consulting room to cocktails, all year round.

However, for those that believe understated is overrated, the EX-30015, from STEPPER’s Exclusive collection is the one to choose. It packs a glamorous party punch and the crystals on the brow sparkle as the wearer moves. The upswept, vintage-inspired style and sweeping sides will flatter all face shapes. It’s made from titanium, so it too is lightweight, hypoallergenic and infinitely comfortable. And while it errs on the side of flamboyant, it’s undeniably chic.