Lizzy - Everything Will Be All White…

But this year, for reasons deeper than sartorial ones, I think we’ll see more white in our wardrobes and our homes than we have done in a long time. In fact, those reasons might even be subconscious. The Coronavirus pandemic has made us more aware than ever of hygiene and cleanliness. Maximalist kitchens have been gaining in popularity over the last few years but are suddenly making way for pared back décor and uncluttered, easy-to-clean surfaces. It’s why chefs wear white- their clothing shows spillages which is important for food hygiene, (plus it reflects more heat than a darker colour would). It’s easy to trust that a white surface or uniform is pristine and therefore hygienic and easy to see when it isn’t.

White is synonymous with simplicity too. Many of us have had to adapt to life in lockdown and have lived a pared-down existence for the duration, (we are into week nine as I write). Our day-to-day lives have been stripped of the glamour of dinner dates, the indulgence of shopping sprees and the excesses of nights out. Our lives are more basic and, dare I say it, we have a better sense of perspective, of what truly matters.

I believe this pandemic will alter our behaviour. We have seen the benefits to our beautiful planet that staying home has brought. Smog has dissipated, rivers and canals that were once murky are now clear, and wildlife has bloomed. Hopefully we will make fewer journeys and only go food shopping when we need to, not because we want to. I hope it will make us more conscious in our consumerism too. Perhaps we will buy more wisely, (and we do need to buy to support every aspect of the economy). And maybe, just maybe, the world will be a better place.

White is a wise choice. It is timeless and will work with every other colour, even cream or ivory. A white linen dress like mine which was made in my home county by a local artisan, will last forever. I will bring it out summer after summer. It won’t date and it will never be deemed “so last year”. Neither will these stunning white sunglasses from the StepperS collection. A variation on the classic Clubmaster shape, the STS-91003 is made from super-lightweight stainless steel. It has gorgeous violet gradient lenses made by Zeiss and a light transmission of around 60%. The gunmetal bridge and sides ground the frame and give a bit of sass, a detail that elevates it from being innocent and girly to being knowing and womanly. This stunning white STEPPER sun style is going to be a mainstay in my wardrobe, I’m so thankful the weather during lockdown has been kind.