Lizzy - The Beauty of Coral

The Pantone colour of the year is Living Coral. This is described as an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. In other words, it’s warm and uplifting.

The Colour Wheel, which was developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, is the basis for all colour theory. The 12 basic colours are called ‘hues'.

Complementary colours are those which are directly opposite one another on the colour wheel. Human eyes notice the contrast between complementary colours, for example violet and yellow more than any other combinations; it creates the most vivid contrast. Putting them together makes for a very striking ensemble. Analogous colours are directly adjacent on the colour wheel. This creates minimal contrast and gives a harmonious consistent look. Analogous colour schemes are ideal for those that prefer their outfits to be a little more restrained. Shades are hues which have had black added to them.

I'm putting this theory into practice with two different dresses. The STEPPER SI-30094 colour F310, is a dark coral, a shade of red-orange, (it sits between red and orange on the colour wheel and has had black added to make it muted). Therefore, it complements the equally muted blue-green shade of this dress.

One of red-orange’s analogous colours (next door neighbours), is red. Red becomes burgundy when black is added. This explains why this shade of coral looks so beautiful with this dress.

This beautiful frame has got subtle style detail on the temple; the gold adds a touch understated glamour which makes it ideal for both daytime and evening looks.

It is versitile too. It works as well as sunglasses, it works as an ophthalmic frame. Here I have styled it with a neutral blouse. And as I have come to expect with STEPPER EYEWEAR, the comfort is exceptional.