Lizzy - Why STEPPER Eyewear Is So Comfortable

STEPPER have been pioneers since they made their first frame in 1970. They use innovation and technology and embrace new materials and processes to create exciting and durable eyewear that fits. Eyewear that is unrivaled in its comfort. And it’s the comfort and fit that underlies the brand’s success; that differentiates it from the rest. The most important function of a piece of eyewear is to hold a pair of spectacle lenses correctly and comfortably before the eyes with the utmost precision and comfort. A face is three dimensional, so STEPPER frames are designed and manufactured in three dimensions. A good fit on the nose is derived from knowing the best fitting angles for gender and ethnicity. This face-profile knowledge ensures every frame fits beautifully and goes almost unnoticed by the wearer; it minimises slip and pressure against the head and ears.

But don’t just take my word for it.

In August this year, STEPPER sent a survey to those opticians who already stock their eyewear to ascertain their thought towards the brand. This is just a small selection of their responses.

“Quality and lightweight.” “Comfortable to wear.” “Good designs, good service, nice people to deal with.” “Quality and value.”Lightweight. Good price point for STEPPERS”. “Large and petite sizes available”.The fit”.Great fitting choices and titanium styles suit our customers well”.Quality of product and service”.  “Price point for the quality of product is fantastic”.

Comfort and quality came up over and over again and this is something I can attest to myself both as a wearer and as a practising optometrist. Once a patient has worn STEPPER, they return to the brand again and again, safe in the knowledge that they will have comfortable, well-fitting glasses.

I met with Business Develop Manager Liz Shepherd to view the new collections. I tried a selection of titanium and TX5 styles on.

The new styles are chic, elegant, understated and timeless. They transcend trends and seasons and yet are forward-thinking and modern in both design and concept.