Lizzy - Crystal Clear

Clear spectacle frames flatter all skin tones and compliment every imaginable outfit and with clear and coloured lenses alike. They work particularly well with summer clothing which tends to be lighter in both colour and texture. Wear with light make-up so not to detract from the frame and to minimise visible make-up residue, (though this is easily removed by washing them in warm soapy water).

Experiment with larger styles; they don’t hide as much of the face as a darker frame and they are less imposing.  Not only that, a colourless frame, (or one with a mere hint of colour) will act as a highlighter, brightening the under-eye area, rather than casting shadows like a darker frame sometimes does.

My STEPPERS 30036 frame is clear with a barely-there hint of pink. I chose a beautiful mirrored sunglass lens, in a vibrant violet, bright and breezy for the summer months. Mirrors too are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. They’re youthful and edgy and ideal for those wishing to add an air of mystery to their appearance. Not only that, they’re perfect for reapplying lippie on the go.

Mirrored sunglasses can’t help but make a statement, but if you’d rather that statement was whispered not shouted, choose a mirror to compliment your colouring. Cooler skin tones suit cooler colours such as blue and silver, whereas rose, amber and gold flatter those with warmer colouring. If, (ahem), on reflection, you choose to opt for maximum impact, choose red, purple or green for guaranteed second glances.