And Finally, Our First Collection

As STEPPER EYEWEAR approaches 50 years of creating comfortable and stylish quality frames, the founder (Hans Stepper) has taken the opportunity to revisit some of his earliest styles.

Collectively known as the ‘STEPPER EYEWEAR First Collection’ this retro ensemble is made up of three distinctive styles; SI-20073, SI-20099 and SI-30154.

‘Reopening the design book and approaching classic models with the accumulated knowledge, skills and (most importantly) advanced materials and manufacturing, presents an excellent opportunity not only to reinvent the past, but to make it even better’ explains Hans Stepper.

Today STEPPER EYEWEAR has TX5, Titanium and Beta-Titanium at its fingertips to deliver frames that are as good to look at as they are beautifully made.

In their day, these styles were already considered ‘retro’, as they looked back at even earlier classic frame designs. ‘A good design is always a good design, and these styles are evergreen’, adds Hans.

What is timeless is the enduring comfort and fit which were the foundations of the STEPPER brand. This ‘STEPPER First Collection’ of early designs is a perfect celebration of this.