Stepper have always produced frames where the emphasis has been on comfort. STEPPER created the ‘design from the bridge’ concept almost forty years ago to improve the fit and comfort of spectacles. As most of the weight of a pair of spectacles falls on the bridge this is where STEPPER designers’ care and skill create the perfect fit.


STEPPER frames look great too, with an extensive range to choose from. Timeless metal and plastic styles in women’s, men’s and unisex designs ensure there’s a STEPPER frame for almost everyone. Our rimless collection has it all: style, quality, durability and desirability.


Good design is backed up with quality materials to create frames that will last. Using advanced materials, namely TX5 (a high performance organic plastic) and Titanium / Beta-Titanium metals ensure the look, feel and longevity of this collection.


Good quality doesn’t come at a premium and STEPPER frames represent good value for money.

StepperS logo

STEPPERS takes the Stepper brand to a more contemporary place.


The younger, more vibrant feel of this collection gives STEPPERS a personality which is quite distinct and exciting. It opens up a whole new marketplace for those customers seeking more fashionable frames.


New models enhance the collection and build on the existing STEPPERS style’s youthful appeal. Design and manufacturing excellence are not eschewed, remaining true to the original Stepper brand values.


Manufactured primarily using TX5 and stainless steel, the quality of these frames is clear to the eye and to the touch. Discover the design, quality and energy that is STEPPERS.


FUSION by STEPPER extends the ‘Eyewear Fashion That Fits’ mantra to the STEPPER brand with a modern high quality collection that sits distinctly within the STEPPER portfolio.


One of the fundamentals of Stepper design is to ensure a comfortable fit by ‘sculpturing’ the frame around the face. This process takes into account the optical needs of the wearer as well as their facial features.


The design brief for FUSION by STEPPER was to create a range of frames to fit those with a more challenging bridge. For example, many Asian faces have a very shallow or wider bridge. As STEPPER frames are designed in 3D to match the contours of the face a shallow bridge has design implications on the lens shapes and temple designs.


With FUSION by STEPPER the fitting possibilities are extended with clever exchangeable pads on several of the TX5 models. These pads allow multiple fit possibilities with each frame.


Quality materials such as TX5 and Titanium, using the latest techniques in frame construction such as two colour moulding, has helped create a range that is truly special. FUSION by STEPPER also represents a union of the renowned STEPPER qualities of manufacture and materials with contemporary styling to create a range with extended age appeal.


Adding FUSION by STEPPER to your frame portfolio allows you to offer the most comprehensive bridge and face shape options.

Eclectic logo

The retrospective STEPPER STEPPER

Eclectic models take their styling clues from frames that were popular in the early and mid-20th century. But, i's more than just a nostalgic 'nod' to the past as Eclectic designs replicate the look of true classics with a superb eye for detail.


What isn't of yesteryear is the engineering, manufacturing and material used in their creation. This is 100% 21st century. STEPPER's team use the latest light and strong material (TX5 and Titanium) with state of the art manufacturing to recreate these wonderful pieces.


The refined STEPPER

In creating the concept of STEPPER Exclusive we considered what would happen when the classic comfort and fit of STEPPER met luxury. The result is a superb collection of precision crafted frames of distinct character.


Frames are made of lightweight Titanium with an IP gold or silver plating to give the elegance of precious metals with a desirable lightness. Where featured, beautiful Zirconia gemstones gently sparkle from their jewellery mount to create more ‘showy’ pieces of eyewear.

Argentum logo

The Silver STEPPER

To create the STEPPER ARGENTUM collection, STEPPER sourced some of the finest modern silver alloy available. The Sterling Silver (925) was specified due to its beneficial qualities over other silver materials that make it particularly suitable to create frames.


The adjustment qualities of STEPPER frames can also be found in ARGENTUM to create the perfect fit. Selected ARGENTUM models come with gemstones. The choice of gemstones can be selected by the wearer to suit their tastes to create a truly bespoke and unique look.


All ARGENTUM frames individually are made to order. Each frame is handed over in a luxurious quality case and certificate.

Aurum logo


To create the ultimate in luxury eyewear STEPPER looked to gold and cast possibly the most expensive frames you can buy.


Each frame is crafted by goldsmiths using 18 carat (750) gold, the only metal used on the front, temple and side. Even the nose pads are gold. The result is frame with a depth of colour that is unmistakably 18 carat.


Selected AURUM models come with gemstones. The choice of gemstones can be selected by the wearer to suit their tastes to create a truly bespoke and unique look. All AURUM frames individually are made to order.

Frames designed, engineered and manufactured to reflect the values of the ZEISS brand. ZEISS EYEWEAR is a true collaboration of ZEISS and STEPPER design expertise to create the finest quality men’s and women’s frames, constructed from the best materials to reflect the precision excellence of ZEISS.