‘Comfort comes from understanding the anatomy of the face and creating a frame that works in harmony with the contours’
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Hans Stepper, Founder

‘STEPPER has always been changing eyewear for the better. Challenging convention to beat a new path. Delivering effortless vision has always been our main objective.’
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Hans Stepper, Founder

About Stepper

STEPPER EYEWEAR is the brand in the world of optics that has achieved its merits by its dedication to the creation of outstanding glasses and to the close professional relationship with opticians. 1970 the company was founded in Germany as a joint venture between an expert in plastic moulding technology and Hans Stepper a graduated optician.

Hans Stepper was born in December 1935. His father was an optician with a small shop in Stuttgart, Germany. He became an apprentice as a dispensing optician. During this time he showed a keen interest and passion for design and craftsmanship with optical frames, in 1958 he was invited to design and craft bespoke spectacles in Helsinki, Finland.

In 1961 he returned to Germany and successfully completed his professional training with a final graduation as Master Optician. His mission – instead of following his father’s recommendation – was to manufacture plastic frames by injection moulding and not using the traditional method of cutting from Acetate sheets.

His unique frames were ahead of the times. They were sculptured around the face rather than showing the conventional flat appearance. However plastic frames were not enough to satisfy the global market – metal was the trend from 1993 onwards.

about stepper


STEPPER solutions are reached by embracing what’s new in materials, processes and challenging the possibilities of what can be achieved in eyewear.

Our vision for eyewear is made possible by embracing all that is new and combining it with the best that has gone before.


Our job is turning eyewear comfort into an art form.

Whether it be a single material design or a combination with minimal colouring and decoration to something quite sophisticated; STEPPER’s intelligent approach to eyewear can manifest into something that matches your character and style.

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to improve eyewear for the wearer.

With frames designed around facial contours; to fit, be comfortable, reliable and hold your lenses perfectly - a STEPPER frame makes vision as good as natural as breathing.


Great ideas come from our own people.

We have a team that covers the globe, a diverse resource with a common goal to make the best eyewear.

Designing, delivering solutions creating and making – we are all STEPPER people. Our natural curiosity to discover what is possible in eyewear will continue to drive STEPPER forward.

What will come next, where will tomorrow take us?

At STEPPER we are always inquisitive and, you can be certain, your future eyewear is safe in our hands.